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Plot Tension + Character Emotion + Voice = Strong Writing


Now is the best time ever to be a writer. So many ways to get your book out there. But you want to publish your best book. I love helping writers meet the challenges that keep them from producing quality writing.


Under Hanna's invaluable tutelage, I have grown tremendously as a writer. Had it not been for her guidance and vast knowledge, I might've thrown up my hands in defeat. Instead, I persevered and have grown by leaps and bounds. In just a few short years have become an award-winning author!

TJ Logan


Whether the obstacles are concrete (developing craft, determining the best publishing route for you and your book, building the writing career you want) or abstract (writer’s block, procrastination, lack of discipline) I can work with you to help overcome your hurdles.
Drawing on years of experience as an educator, author, and editor, I offer feedback and one-on-one sessions on your writing projects.

As your author coach, I will help you get your words onto the page and up to standard. Let’s talk to determine the type of assistance you need.

Monthly Coaching  
 30 Days of Availability (up to 1 hr/day by phone, text or Skype or 2 emails/day) to answer questions, brainstorm, or even provide a shoulder to cry on.


             $ 50/30-day period


All Day Face-to-Face Session*


We'll meet face-to-face for up to 8 hours to brainstorm, answer questions, review scenes,

do one-on-one line edits or even provide a shoulder to cry on.


*Contact Me Regarding Pricing and Availablity


Hanna has given me the tools and the confidence to be a far better writer. I’m confident she will exceed your expectations, no matter what services you retain. I wish I’d known her five years ago; it would have spared me endless hours of frustration! She’s served as my coach, brainstorming our way through stubborn plot points, helping me eliminate unnecessary verbiage and improve my pacing, and challenging me to think more deeply about character motivation than ever before.


Madeline H. Olson


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