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An Inspirational Moment

So much to do, so little time. But once you figure out what you love doing, life is so much easier.

So you ask what inspires me.

In my daily life, it’s the people that have surrounded me all my life. My Father and Mother were activists in the big city we lived in and when we moved to a small town, they were active there too. My mom taught school and served on the city council for many years. When she and Daddy retired, Daddy ran for Mayor and won. They were in all kinds of social and civic organizations. Fundraising for worthy causes. Pushing through projects to better the lives of their neighbors. Helping students be better learners. Training those without skills so they could improve their lives. Oh and raising me to be who I am today.

My parents died in their eighties within a month of each other. You can imagine how proud I was to look out and see a church full of people—both times. Hundreds of people that my parents influenced as teachers and community activists.

I have to try hard every day to live up to that standard. Some days I succeed, some days I don’t do quite as well, but each day I get up and start again. Trying to be as influential as my parents, just like they did. One person at a time.

As a writer, I'm consistently inspired by my author compatriots. I'm always supercharged when I come home from a conference, workshop, or chapter meeting. Sharing with other authors helps me be a better author, too. Celebrating their successes keeps me moving forward when I want to say it’s too hard. Being with others who know my frustrations and celebrate my successes inspires me to keep writing. You my fellow authors are my heroes.

And let’s not forget our readers. Being a new author with my first book coming out next month, I can’t say that I have many fans yet. Each year at our chapter reader appreciation luncheon, I get to meet hundreds of romance readers. Every time I interact with readers, they are so kind, that I really want to write a good book for them.

Who are the heroes in your life? Co-worker? Home? Family?

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